Health Care the way it should be.
A more seure, cost effective future.

What We Provide

The National Health Alliance’s innovative program offers a radical new approach to Health Care; 1- providing employers with affordable health care options and 2- giving the health care providers a more favorable hassle-free system for their services.


Easy Administration

NHA’s online provider management solution as well as it’s support staff gives providers the most efficient administrative solution for utilization tracking, patient visits, billing and more.


Employer Solutions

NHA enables employers gain greater control over their finances, by helping them  select the right program methods for their particular needs. We help keep members healthy, on a healthy budget!


Quality Care Comes First

Through careful selection of providers as well as creating some of the most comprehensive plans available NHA provides exceptional quality of care, patient safety and satisfaction, great organizational efficiency all adding up to quality healthcare.


How We Save You Money

By adapting an efficient utilization system for physicians to provide better health care and preventing the incentives to unwarranted services(CPT codes) NHA reduces and locks the overall cost of health care way below Insurance company rates.


Who We Serve

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